Looking for something fun to do at your next
Get-together? Have a PAINTING PARTY

Have a Painting Party
The next time you want to have an awesome fun time with your friends why not have a painting party. Now before you panic, let me tell you that WE DO ALL THE WORK!!!

Our private party packages includes:

  • ALL the canvases, brushes, paints, aprons, easels
  • WE WALK you through the painting step-by-step
  • WE arrive 1 hour early and get everything set up
  • WE clean up. Yup!! We do all the clean up!!
  • YOU (or your guests) supply the snacks, cake, drinks, etc.
    • IF HELD IN OUR CLASSROOM we can comfortably sit up to 10 people. There is NO additional Charge for using our classroom
    • If more than 10 people we can come to you.

Additional Information:

  • Arrive up to 15 minutes early to decorate or drop off food/drinks/cake.
  • We will generally begin painting about 15 minutes past your party start time, so your guests can settle in and socialize a bit.
  • Paintings take between 2 hour to 3 hours to complete based on the painting chosen. Time can be allotted for gift opening, speeches, or general socializing. Please let us know up front.

The finished paintings are for your guests to keep, a constant reminder of the GRAND time they had at your party! 


Adult Party – 5+ We bring all the materials and we do all the teaching, so no worries there. Its easy… just select a one painting from our huge assortment and we do all rest (except the party snacks and clean your bathroom!). Everyone paints the same picture and gets to take it home! To schedule a party call Dani at 918- 413 – 2820

  • Price $100- includes materials for up to 5 people.  $20 each additional person
  • Deposit required $50.00.  The remaining fee is due at time of party.
  • Cancellations: We understand things happen and you may cancel your event up to 48 hours prior to the event for a full refund of your deposit. If your event is canceled within 48 hours of your event your deposit WILL NOT be refunded


Driving limit – We have to set some boundaries!

  • The above pricing is good for traveling up to 30 miles from the studio.
  • If your party is between 30 and 45 miles from the studio the price is $200 for up to 8 people and $25 for each additional person. This helps cover our fuel and travel time.
  • If your party is between 46 and 70 miles from the studio the price is $280 for up to 8 people and $35 for each additional person. This helps cover our fuel and travel time. 

To reserve your class call 918-413-2820. Payment required at time of reservation. We can accept Credit Cards.  

Painting Party Contract

Make Deposit

Children’s Party –  At this time we are not able to hold children’s party. However we have options. Check out Arties located downtown Poteau OK. Visit their Facebook Page or call Katie at Call (918) 718-4725

What we provide:

  • Design of your choice from our large selection. Choose only 1 design please.
  • Instructors to lead you step by step through the painting
  • Pre- gessoed canvases
  • Paint to completion the chosen painting
  • Palettes for mixing paints
  • Tape, Patterns, and transfer paper for all designs
  • Table Top Easels
  • Aprons (we have 12)
  • Brushes
  • Water basin
  • If party is in our studio we supply tables and chairs and a place for refreshments. There is no rental fee for using our space
  • We clean up the painting portion!


What you need to supply:

  • Tabletop space and chairs for everyone if at your location.
  • Tableclothes to protect your surface. Those cheap plastic banquet table clothes are usually perfect and disposable.  No worries if you forget. We generally have a bunch with us?
  • Refreshments of your choice. You supply cups, plates and other things necessary for this
  • Background music
  • Party theme decorations. If in our studio please arrive at minimun one hour early to set you. You are also responsible for cleaning up the refreshment area
  • Guests ready to paint and have a great time!


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